Furniture Auctions London

Old furniture with modern ones are different one another. If the old furniture is created with the strongest materials and also handmade, then the modern furniture is produced by the factory, with cheap materials and does not come in a unique way because you will find the same design from a house to others. That is the reason why some people choose to collect old furniture rather than collecting the modern ones. Furniture auctions are one of the best places to get the antique or old furniture for your home and London is one of the countries where to get them in affordable and reasonable prices.

Some bargains can be done at furniture auctions to get high quality furniture in cheap prices. However, you should be careful in doing that and take some considerations before purchasing antique furniture. The most important thing to do is to get clearly information from the internet where an auction takes place and what time. It would be better if there are some sites providing pictures of furniture so you are able to get a little preview. Examine the furniture you want to purchase before going to an auction. This is really necessary to know whether the furniture is manufactured with more traditional methods or more modern techniques. The antique furniture usually deals with little dents or blemishes, so you do not have to worry about that. You have to be smart if old furniture is sold at the lower price, as woodworm or mite damage is usually found at it. So, being careful is a must when selecting antique furniture at the auctions.

Furniture auctions can be found in certain places in London and one of them is Lots Road Auctions. It has online and offline stores. Their showroom is located at 71 Lots Road, Chelsea, London SW10 ORN. To get further information, it can be called on +44 (0)20 7376 6800. Lots Road Auctions holds the auctions every Sunday. Get the auctions for modern items on Lot1 at 12 Noon and antiques + decorative on Lot401 at 3pm. Use the 4 days viewing which are usually held on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Lots Road Auctions is the place where you can get collections of both contemporary and antique items. It provides and offers special items from Persian Silk rugs, Matisse etchings, to Godwin hand crafted furniture. Want to get special sale from here? Visit this place on every Sunday, including all bank holidays. At 12pm in the ground floor auction Room, you can get sale for the Contemporary and Traditional Furnishings and Decorative items, while at 3pm in the upstairs auction, you can get sale for the Antique Furniture, Paintings, Carpets and Works of Art. Lots Road Auctions also holds special sale for the avid collectors and the sale items themselves are Fine Antiques, Continental Furniture, Lighting and Mirrors, Silver and Vertu, Fine Carpets and Rugs, Tribal and Asian Art and Artifacts, and Russian Art Auctions three times a year.

Another place to visit to get or do the furniture auctions is Chiswick Auctions which has online and offline stores. Its saleroom is located at 1 Colville Road, (off Bollo Lane) London W3 8BL. To get further information, they can be called on 020 8992 4442 (3 lines). It is open on Sunday from 12 noon – 6 pm (staff only on duty), Monday from 10am – 6pm (viewing only day and the assessments only by appointment), Tuesday from 10am – 6pm (viewing, sale day and assessments), Wednesday from 10am – 6pm (assessments, collections and deliveries), Thursday from 10am – 6pm (assessments and collections), Friday from 10am – 6pm (assessments and collections), while it is closed on Saturday.

Chiswick Auctions do the furniture auctions every Tuesday of the year. The auction entries are serviced on Monday to Friday from 10am – 6pm, while on Saturday they can be done only by an appointment. Chiswick Auctions not only specializes in antiques, but also in a variety of items including more modern and designer goods. Unfortunately, this store does not sell bird eggs since they are illegal to sell in the UK, ivory and other wildlife products, not antique weapons and upholstered furniture which is created after 1950.
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