Classic Furniture London

Time goes by, so does the styles of home furniture. There are several types of furniture available today in the markets. They come to help you in decorating and beautifying your home. If you are a person who loves everything in classic styles, classic furniture can be a great choice for your home. The popularity of this furniture remains until now as it consists of perfect and strong materials, construction, lines and proportion. Old furniture gives you a chance to design your home so it will have a look of permanency, history and tradition. In this article, there are two styles of old furniture, English style and romantic style.

Many collectors like to collect classic furniture designed in English style since it offers certain features, such as armoires, curio, and china cabinets to display the sets, commonly those of glass or china. English style furniture is mostly made from wood and usually used as paneled walls and wood flooring, wood living room furniture and wood-framed bed canopies. In English style, you can also see the fine fabrics which are made in plaid, paisley, striped or floral patterns.

The English style uses strong colors, such as crimson, forest green and navy blue, gold and golden yellow. For example, a table is made from dark wood (pine and oak) and the craftsmen use those strong colors to create a balance of the deep, rich tones of mahogany, walnut and cherry. Another style of classic furniture is the Romantic style. Although it does not pass particular historical period, this style still looks charm and also long lasting. Most of companies use romantic style to design the home furnishings or equipments. Some of furniture in this style designed with textiles, which are textured fabrics in this case, is brocades and lighter fabrics such as silk, lace and chintz; while other furniture designed in painted furniture like floral patterned fabrics.

In London, classic furniture is found in offline and online stores. Design Classics is one of the places to purchase old furniture. It can be visited through their website, and through its showroom located at 11 Grosvenor Crescent, London SW1X 7EE. Design Classics is open by appointment on Monday to Friday. This company manufactures high quality furniture which is already sold in the marketplace. They use finest raw materials to create this furniture, such as Italian leathers, robust steels and chrome finishes.

Design Classics ensure that all of their products have one year warranty and also a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you want to get further information, especially about special orders, they can be called on 0845 371 1288. It also has another showroom in West London located at The Light Box, 111 Power Road, Chiswick W4 5PY. This showroom is open 6 days a week on Monday to Friday from 09.00am – 06.00pm, and on Saturday from 10.00am – 04.30pm. However, if you have a particular piece of furniture that you want to see here, then you have to call them first so they will be able to arrange that piece to be shown in the showroom.

Some recommended furniture made in Design Classics are Barcelona Chair sold at £439.00, Barcelona Chair and Stool Set sold at £668.00, Eames-inspired High Back Mesh Office Chair sold at £317.00, Atlanta Corner Sofa sold at £999.00, Auckland Corner Sofa sold at £865.00, Berlin Fabric 2.5-Seat Sofa sold at £649.00, Archimoon Soft Table Lamp by Flos sold at £270.00, Glo-Ball Floor Lamp by Flos sold at £479.00, and Kelvin LED Lamp by Flos sold at £211.00.

Brights Interiors is also the place where you can purchase classic furniture. This store has three other showrooms across the country, in Wimborne Minster, Topsham and the Kings Road. Over 1,500 items of reproduction furniture can be found here, such as traditional sofas, gift mirrors and handmade cabinetry. Also, this store has more than 5,000 previously made designs to order.

Some of recommended classic furniture here are Mahogany Veneered Boardroom Table sold at £17, 220, Oval Shaped Jupe Dining Table sold at £9,950, Chippendale Style Bookcase sold at £10, 575, Althorp Mahogany Bookcase sold at £8,840, A Pollard Burd and Karelian Birch Crossbanded Lamp Table sold at £2,160 and English Myrtle Bedside Cabinet – Facing Pair sold at £1,930.
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