Italian Furniture London

When we hear the word Italy, the first things that come in our mind are Italian football, fashion, design, and luxurious cars. None of it is wrong, because Italy is well-known for those things, it’s like they are the innovator of fashion and design all over the world. Furniture design is also one of the special qualities of this country. The interior design enthusiasts must be familiar with the name of Claudio Bellini, Gio Ponti, Carlo Bugatti, Massimo Scolari, Enzo Mari, and other famous Italian furniture designer for their work have been recognized all over the world. The Italian design creates a balance between classical elegance and modern creativity, which produce the most distinctive and famous piece of furniture that no one can resist. For you who have a high class and taste, using Italian furniture for your house can’t be more wrong.

As the world trendsetter of furniture, Italy produces plenty of high quality and luxurious design of furniture since early 1900s. The Italian furniture offer various ranges of furniture styles from the classic one, the contemporary design, French art Deco style, elegant design, to the most modern, stylish, and simple design of furniture. The unique combination of many materials in the making of the furniture creates the amazing output of furniture that pamper every eye that see it, and it makes Italy become one of the architecture god among other countries. Their innovation in furniture design is unstoppable, and it makes the Italian furniture always has their own admirers and it never gets outdated. This furniture is considered as exclusive and special; the Italian furniture design covered almost all kinds of home interior designs.

You can use their classic furniture to create the elegant, classy and a couture impression of your house. You can also create a totally different impression of interior design of your house by using the Italian contemporary furniture, the symmetrical design and the daring colours such as red, white, and black, with bold lines that clarify its style will make a simple yet modern look to your house. Their exquisite collections of home accessories are also taking our breath away. Their design of rugs, mirrors, ottoman storage boxes, and lamps, sculpture, and other home accessories are really irresistible. Take a look at their collection of beds, headboards, wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, various kinds of leather sofas, fabric sofas, sofa beds, chairs, coffee tables, glass and wooden dining tables, and also other furniture that will satisfy your need.

England as one of the country on the European continent has a strong connection with Italian furniture. Both of the countries have mutual influence of the development of the furniture design in their countries. England which is also known for its old and classic culture in some ways has a connection with the classic Italian furniture style. The heavy design with hard woods, complicated details, the use of velvet and other heavy fabric as the furniture cover remind us to the luxurious castles in England, it is almost similar to the classic Italian designs. Nowadays, the influence of modern Italian style furniture becomes a trend in the United Kingdom; many modern people who wish to have a luxurious yet modern style of home interior prefer to choose the furniture style that originally comes from their neighbor country, Italy. There are many interior designers agents that offer their service to give residential projects with the Italian style of home interior all over England.

London as the capital city of the country provides you with plenty of designers that will help you make a beautiful Italian style house interior according to your needs and tastes. When you come to the city, you may take a look at some stores that provide such service in London, such as, Ikandi Interiors, Home Style Furnishings, Calligaris, Interni, Tisettanta Ltd, Italian Furniture Carpet and Flooring, Taylor Llorente, Mondital, and Exclusive Italian Furniture. The stores will provide you with many brands of exclusive furniture that certainly will help you make your house a wonderful house. You can choose many brands of furniture, or if you want to be helped by some professional designers, you can use their service to do a residential project at your house, and also you can order your special customized furniture service if you want one-in-a-million furniture for your house, just state your need and they will be happy to help you.
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