Living Room Furniture London

Home is the most comfortable place in the world, I think. It could be the best place to spend your time alone when you do not want anybody interrupts your time, the best place for the whole family member to gather together when they have free time after working, and the best place where all the memories we have in life remains. Home is divided into several rooms and one of them is the living room. This room is really important as the place to greet the guests and also a place to display and show the central point of your home. Decorating by your own self perhaps gives you personal satisfaction because you can decide what style, design or theme which fits your taste best. Also, you do not have to spend your money in hiring professional interior designer. In this article, you will find some types of living room furniture which are available in market.

Contemporary furniture is a good option for those who like to decorate their living room with modern lifestyle. This style comes with several characteristics like abstract lighting sources, modular sofas, sleek sideboards, and pedestal tables. You maybe find that little contemporary furniture comes in various colors. However, it looks very beautiful when seeing together with multicolored cushions, wall stickers and bright colors on the wall.

The next living room furniture you can choose is sectional furniture. This type is really perfect for those who like to modify the look of their rooms from time to time. It is because sectional furniture is really flexible that allows you to move it to each part of the room. This furniture is designed with various colors and styles. The last is rustic furniture which will be a good choice for those who like having the unfinished and uneven look of their house. Although you do not have to spend much money to purchase it, rustic furniture can give very attractive look to your room. This furniture comes several options such as simple, handmade, and even rustic designs on contemporary furniture.

In London, living room furniture is sold at certain stores and one of the stores is Go Modern Furniture. The store is located on the Kings Rd in London, in the closed-society of upmarket lighting and furniture shops near Lots Rd, which is known as the Chelsea Design Quarter. You can visit Go Modern Furniture on Monday to Saturday only. Here, you will find around 2000 pieces of modern furniture. Besides, it also has the wood, lacquer, leather and fabric samples here.

Go Modern Furniture collection of living room furniture offers a wide selection of contemporary furniture, such as sofa beds & sofas, armchairs, wall units, bookcase, sideboards, coffee tables, and TV units, where all the basis are coming from Europe. They have specialized in modern furniture from Italy for years. This store gives you a chance to create your own furniture based on your needs as it has CAD designers in house to build a perfect bookcase, wall unit or home office.

Farniente Rectangular Coffee Table, one of their collections, is the a part of living room furniture providing finished glass furniture such as glass dining table, contemporary mirrors and glass TV units. They all are made in Italy. To get more information, call them on 020 7731 9540. If you live within the mainland UK, the order will be delivered and you will be charged £50. The price of this coffee table is £1050.00

Broadway Glass Sideboard is created by high end Italian manufacturer and it comes from Tonelli Design. For those who live within mainland UK, will be charged £50 for the delivery service. This sideboard can be also delivered within Europe. The price of it is £2360. Harmony Contemporary Sideboard comes from Tema Home, one of Portugal’s most popular modern furniture makers. Do not worry for those who live within the mainland UK, because it can be delivered with £50. This contemporary sideboard can also be delivered to Europe. The price of Harmony Contemporary Sideboard is £1720. Passo Bookcase is one of the living room furniture that Go Modern Furniture has. This bookcase is also coming from Tema Home. For the delivery service within the mainland UK, you have to pay £40. It is sold at £340.00.
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