Antique Furniture London

Each person has their own interesting hobbies that they want to do in their free time, to fulfill their pleasant and needs. There are people who like singing, reading, traveling, eating or even collecting old things such as vintage jewellery and antique furniture. Well, if you belong to the people who like collecting such as old things and items, it means you have to prepare much money since the vintage ones are usually sold or labeled at the high prices. Since those items are old and have been existed for long years, then you should know well the ways how to maintain and take care of them. The most important thing that all collectors must know is about the way to clean and handle the vintage furniture. On the other hand, collectors must have understanding about some factors that can cause damage to the furniture and the ways to avoid the damage.

One of several factors that can cause damage to your antique furniture is the changes of weather and temperatures. The changes, then, can cause crackling and splitting to your furniture and of course, you do not want to this happens to your furniture, right? So, it would be better for a collector to use a humidifier or control the temperature of a room where furniture is placed. Another factor that can harm your furniture is sunlight exposure which is able to change the color of it. To keep the color of furniture, the furniture which is used to place in a room where there is direct sunlight, must be placed in a room which is not exposed to direct sunlight. Insect infestation includes termites is also one of several factors that can cause damage to furniture. Fumigation is the only way to remove the insects. Cleaning material and chemical used are also the major problems why your vintage furniture cannot last long. Therefore, you must get the understanding about the chemical and material which are going to be used to clean furniture.

Well, it is not that easy to maintain antique furniture, right? Several things and understandings must be known to keep the furniture well and last long. So, now, do you want to add your furniture collections? In London, there are lots of stores, online and offline, selling vintage furniture with a wide of selection and also the price ranges. One of the places is The Furniture Cave; Antiques and Design Showrooms. You can visit its online store or its physical store which is located at 533 Kings Road, Chelsea, London SW10 OTZ. It is open every day on Monday to Saturday from 10am – 6pm and Sunday from 11am – 5pm. This store provides bookcases, cabinets, ceramics, clocks, consoles, desks, floors, lighting, mirrors, miscellaneous, sculptures, seating, stones, tables and textiles.

The Furniture Cave is good at the additional services provided to the public and includes house clearances, valuations, furniture striping and polishing, restoration, furniture, customization and design, stone specialists and import/export trading. As we said before that The Furniture Cave provides a wide selection of reproduction items such as sets of tables and chairs, individual chairs, dressers and corner units, lighting, paintings and art collection items, fossils, stones, and books. The Furniture Cave is open for dealers or collectors or anyone who like to collect or purchase these old items and furniture.

Another recommended place in London is Tower Bridge Antique Furniture Warehouse. You can visit its online store or its offline store which is located at 71 Tanner St, London. To get further information in details, you can contact them at +44 20 7403 3660. This store is open on Monday to Friday from 09.00am – 05.00pm, on Saturday from 10.00am – 05.00pm, and on Sunday from 11am – 5pm.

Tower Bridge Antique Furniture Warehouse in London is the place where you can see over 200 antiques furniture and items, such as Georgian Tables, Georgian Chairs, Victorian Desks and all other periods. So, if you like collecting stuffs from the old times or from Victorian era, this place is worth it to visit. In this store, you will find precious collections from Georgian antique furniture, Regency antique furniture, Victorian antique furniture and Edwardian antique furniture. Get a wonderful antique dining table with a set of 12 antique dining chairs from collections of Georgian dining table, Regency dining table, William IV dining table, Victorian Dining table or Edwardian dining table.
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