Garden Furniture London

The outdoor spaces of your home can be optimized with right and appropriate garden furniture. The furniture itself comes in various designs, colors and materials and you are free to choose depends on your personal taste or the theme of your home. In this article, we are going to explain a bit about some things to be considered in purchasing the furniture. These following steps if you want to follow are good to fulfill your needs.

Well, what is your main purpose creating your outdoor spaces or garden? Is it only a garden or it can be a place for holding a party, a meeting or other activities? If you already know the purposes or aims of the garden, then it would be easier for you to select the right furniture to support the activities that would be held at your garden. You are the one who knows very well which style of furniture will fit the most to your garden. For example, if you are going to celebrate or hold a big party with lots of friends, then it is good to choose sturdy and spacious pieces. Meanwhile, if you use the garden as a place where you can relax by yourself or with a few or close people, then it would be good to choose breezy chairs and a small table as the garden furniture.

Knowing the size and the dimension of your garden is important to choose and purchase right garden furniture. Make sure that the furniture you will buy fits perfectly with the area and gives extra room so you, the family member or guests can move around as well. However, if the space of your garden is small because you have no intention to make it bigger, then it would be nice to buy furniture pieces that have more than one function such as a hardy storage bench made of teak or treated pine, so you can work well there. Do not forget to check the comfort and durability of the furniture you would like to buy.

Have you decided which theme you like the most to apply? Well, you can choose kinds of themes such as traditional, contemporary, casual and breezy; and formal and classical. The theme and style you choose later determines types of furniture pieces used to your garden. Make sure that the furniture pieces, themes and styles can complement each other. Purchasing garden furniture requires no small cost. Therefore, you have to consider your budget with the furniture pieces you love.

London has lots of furniture stores selling furniture includes garden furniture. One of the stores is Capital Garden, located at Heatfield Rd, London Borough of Wandsworth, SW18 2PH, United Kingdom. To get more information, you can call them on +44 20 8874 2037. It is open on Monday to Saturday from 9am – 6pm and on Sunday from 10.30am – 4.30pm.

Capital Garden offers metal, wooden and luxury rattan garden furniture and garden furniture sets. From the garden furniture sets, you are allowed to choose benches, chairs, tables and many more. There are many recommended brands available in this store including Alexander Rose, Neptune, Kettler and Royal Craft. The furniture pieces here are ideal for one person, two persons or more like for the whole family. It comes with choices like small, 2 seater dining sets, to the large 8, 10, and even 16 seater sets. The collections found in this store for garden furniture are garden furniture sets, garden buildings, gazebos & tents; furniture storage, garden furniture accessories, metal garden furniture, mixed material furniture, garden parasols, woven and rattan garden furniture, sofa lounge furniture and wooden garden furniture.

Another store to go is Raft, located at 184 Tottenham Court Rd, London W1T 7PF, United Kingdom. To get more information, you can call them on +44 20 8208 7178. It is open on Monday to Wednesday, Friday to Saturday from 10am – 7pm, on Thursday from 10am – 8pm and on Sunday from 12noon – 6pm.

Raft offers their best collections in which are tables, benches and chairs. Tables’ collection offers Eden Dining Tables £1,062.00 and Eden Coffee Table Natural Teak £468.00. Meanwhile, benches’ collection offers Primrose Garden Bench Natural Teak, Primrose Garden Bench Dark Teak, Oasis Garden Bench Natural Teak £787.00 and £1,011.00, Lotus Bench Natural Teak £500.00 and £560.00; Station Garden Bench Natural Teak £864.00 and Eden Bench Natural Teak £468.00. The last, chairs’ collection offers Terrace Loft Natural Teak £4.315.00, Primrose Garden Sofa Natural Teak £2.145.00 for both the dark and natural teak, and Kamala Chair Natural Teak £165.00 for both dark and natural teak.
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