Vintage Furniture London

Most people nowadays have the same opinion or understanding about vintage furniture but they did not realize that their understanding is wrong. Most people believed that vintage furniture is just the same type or has a same meaning with antique furniture and this is not true. Actually, it is not hard to differentiate between the vintage and antique furniture as long as the data about the furniture is true or not fake. By knowing the age of the furniture, we can easily determine the type of the furniture. The furniture with less than a hundred years or between 30 – 100 years of age is consider as vintage furniture and furniture with more than 100 years old is antique furniture. That is why we need an accurate and trustworthy data to make sure whether the furniture is antique or vintage furniture.

Actually when people talk about vintage or vintage furniture, they will talk about the historical background or the quality of the furniture itself. The furniture maybe not to old but if it has a great quality or historical background within it, it can be consider that the furniture is a vintage furniture. For example the furniture used by someone famous in the past or someone who is famous but lived only around 50 years ago, the furniture maybe not to old but it has a great historical background so it can be said that the furniture is vintage furniture.

So what is the real reason for us to understand about vintage furniture more than before? The reason is simple, vintage furniture become a new artist for the furniture hunter and everybody wants to have it inside their house and because of this, lots of a fraud furniture case and it can be a real big problem if we don't deal with it now because the vintage furniture can have a really high price.

In an easiest way of talk, vintage furniture is like a way to combine the furniture style in the past so it can be mixed with our modern life nowadays and with the Internet nowadays; it is easy for you to bring the high quality vintage from all over the country to your house. Lots of people who love this vintage furniture has no problem to spend a lots of money for the furniture from the furniture store into their house. The increasing number of vintage furniture lover is a great blessed for furniture store especially store which is locate in London because during this time, London or England is a place which is famous with their history and off course the furniture which became the witness of that long history.

London is a great city to buy vintage furniture, because in London there are lots of vintage furniture stores, these are famous not only in their city but also around the country even abroad. All vintage furniture hunters came to London just to find the best vintage furniture as a great addition for their collection. Alfies Antique Market is one of the famous furniture stores in London. Alfies Antique was an example of collectors store with varied furniture collection and off course a reliable data about the furniture. The first time you enter the store, you will find something which is origin and very unique which you cannot find in another place or furniture store. For so many years, Alfies become the most famous store for antique and vintage furniture fashion in London; you can find the furniture with most unique design and historical background. You can Alfies store in 13-25 church street Marylebone London NW8 8DT .

Another store worth to visit is Regent Antiques, located at Manor Warehouse, 318 Green Lanes, London, Greater London N4 1BX, United Kingdom. To get further information, you can call them on +44 20 8809 9605. Regent Antiques is open on Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm, while it is open on Saturday and Sunday. The store has been existed for three years and has done the trading along that time. Regent Antiques focus on English and Continental furniture, silver, porcelain, and decorative items both antique and contemporary.
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