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Home is the comfortable place in the world where you and your family gather together to talk about time you all spend and activities you did today, the place for you to gather together with everyone you love while watching TV programs, and do other things. I think, you have ever heard these words "there’s no place like home" and well, that is true. Therefore, people want to make their home to be comfortable as much as possible. Home furniture is available in a wide selection in the market today. Chinese furniture is one of the examples of furniture you can choose.

In each country, Chinese furniture is found different with its own style but still each of them shares certain features to draw customers’ attention. The furniture itself is often seen in black, gold and red like black lacquer tables and Japanese-style screens with numerous amounts of red. In the other hand, this furniture is known to have modern, sleek lines. In this article, you will know several styles of oriental furniture before purchasing it.

Platform beds are one of the styles of Chinese furniture which is very well-known among people. For example, if you see the platform beds decorated with Tatami grass mats, then you have fallen into the best one. This type looks so simple so you can place to a contemporary or modern room. White or another neutral color is the special feature the bedding has to show the simplicity, while the beds are low to the ground. If you are looking for a simple bed that you can fold up in the morning after sleeping, then the traditional futon is the best choice you have ever had. The traditional futon is found in Japanese where the bedding itself has quilts and mattresses. Meanwhile in the United States, you can find the common version futon. The differences between the common and the traditional are the common has a metal or wooden frame and the mattress part is thicker than the traditional.

In London, Chinese furniture can be found in several stores, online and offline. China Mainland is one of the places where you can visit to purchase your dream furniture. You can go to its online website or to its store located at Trafalgar House, Grenville Place Mill Hill, London England NW7 3SA. For further information, they can be contacted at +44 (0)208 906 1589.

China Mainland has been existed since 1987 and known as a UK based company. They often held shows and exhibitions to introduce their products to people. You can also visit their showroom, but you have to make an appointment first. China Mainland offers the best services that won’t let you down in which are telephone and mail ordering services all over the UK. China Mainland produces its Chinese furniture by using timber made of kiln-dried where it comes from managed farm in the north of China. This company hires the expert craftsmen to manufacture the furniture where the traditional methods and ability of carpentry like ones in Han Dynasty applied and used. As you can see, all the products here are handmade.

Here is some recommended Chinese furniture from China Mainland to be considered. They are Small Cabinets in which you find examples like rosewood small cabinet, rosewood mirror key, rosewood silverware cabinet; and Display Cabinets and Bookcases in which you find examples like rosewood miniature display cabinet key, rosewood breakfront bowed front, and rosewood armoire/TV cabinet.

Another place to go in London is Shanxi. You can go to its online website or to its store located at 249 Merton Road, Wandsworth SW18 5EB, UK. To get further information and explanation, they can be contacted at +44 (0)20 8247 3700. Shanxi is known as a specialist retailer of antique Chinese furniture. Some of the antique Chinese products are Chinese captains Hat 1980 Carver Chairs which sold at £950 pair, Chinese Black Marriage Chest which sold at £750 and Antique Chinese Long Table which sold at £500. Get the other products in affordable prices.

Rouge Shop is also a store selling Chinese furniture which is located at Rouge UK Ltd, 158 Stoke Newington High Street London N16 7 JL (020 7275 0887). In Rouge Shop, the old furniture is repaired and painted by the craftsmen, while the new pieces are handmade by using softwood grown in North East China.
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