Leather Furniture London

For certain people, leather furniture is a great choice for their home as it is a symbol of luxury, prestige, success and wealth. Therefore, there are lots of people want to have them at least as living room furniture. Although it is known as luxury furniture, it also has advantages and disadvantages. Well, in this article you will find some and it would be better to notice first before deciding to purchase them as your home or office furniture.

There are several good things of leather furniture. First, as it is made from leather and known as the symbol of luxury and prestige, it will look great for the look of your room or home. Guests who visit your home will be interested to see your collection. Second, it is easy to clean this furniture as it is made from easily maintained material, so you do not have purchase special cleaners to remove the dirties. Just use sprays to maintain the shape of furniture for longer time. Third, the material used to manufacture this furniture is durable and long-lasting. It means that the beauty and the shape of it will be kept well. Fourth, it is known as natural product. The last, fifth, this furniture is a good choice for those who has allergy to dust as it does not gather dusts.

There are several bad things or disadvantages of leather furniture. First, as it is made from leather meaning you have to prepare lots of money if you want to buy it. Second, sometimes the furniture can make your clothing wear out of faster when sitting on it. It happens because the leather itself gives a shine on clothing. Third, the furniture made from leather will be unwelcome when you sit on it for longer time. Therefore, putting small pillow or cotton will help a lot. The last, fourth, this furniture only come in limited series of colors to be chosen.

In London, there are several stores selling leather furniture. One of them is Leather Chairs of Bath found in online and offline stores. The online store can be visited at the page Meanwhile, the offline store located at 600 King’s Rd, London SW6 2YW, United Kingdom and you can call them on +44 20 7731 1198 to get further information in details. It is open on Monday from 11am – 6pm, on Tuesday to Saturday from 10am – 5am, and it is closed on Sunday.

The Leather Chairs of Bath is found in October 1988 by Nick and Sara Loxton. This is a family-run business where they have succeeded in making hand-dyed leather furniture for almost 25 years. In manufacturing sofas and chairs, they have used very traditional upholstery standards. The Leather Chairs of Bath comes in a wide selection of furniture for home such as Sofas & Chairs, Cabinet furniture, and antique furniture available right now once you decided to visit their page. In Sofas & Chairs you can find lots of series and some of them are chairs like Amsterdam (the chair in leather), Chapman (wing chair in leather) and Chesterfield (club chair); Desk chairs like Gainsborough (the wide chair), Captain’s desk chair, typist’s desk chair in leather; Sofas like Amsterdam two-seater sofa, Camelback the two and a half seater sofa, Deco two-seater in leather; and stools like Chippendale long stool, lansdown stool in leather, Queen Anne stool. In Cabinet furniture we can find some of them in which are Conway bookcase, Maresfield five-drawer chest, and partner large desk. Meanwhile, antique furniture available now on this site are Back Support 19th cent leather study chair, 1930’s 2-seater leather sette and 19th century leather armchair.

The second leather furniture located in London is Darlings of Chelsea. This shop offers their customers high quality products and service to delivery and installation of sofa in your home. It has been existed for over 40 years and has manufactured hand crafted goods to the highest specifications. The products sold here are created and made under the British Standards. If you are interested to purchase the furniture here, you can visit their page at or their five showrooms located in different areas.

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