NEXT Furniture London

London is one of the world's trend-setter city, from which the newest styles are contagiously spread in the world. The authentic aristocracy style, he uniqueness of taste, and the pride of being exclusive is expressed in every line design of London style. Not only in fashion, the interior design and style from London are also admired by people. One of the leading company providing high quality products of fashion and home ware is NEXT. The brand is established in 1982 as one of the most beloved clothing brand with revolutionary concept of retails and collections. Offering reasonable price and high quality product, the brand soon becomes one of the most popular product among fashion society.

In 1985, the business was developed and the home interiors department was established to complete the dedication of the company in providing high quality style for people. The first establishment of the company harvested success. The first department store which was equipped with the home interior products is the one in Regeant Street, London. Soon, it became a new color in the world of furniture trade and design in the city. The retails multiplied and the fans of the brand is also growing day by day.
Still uplifting the value of uniqueness and distinctiveness, all NEXT furniture products are designed exclusively following the trend and the changing taste of the society. Combining the contemporary beauty and classical craftsmanship, the furniture and home accessories from NEXT is undoubtedly valuable. The products range from bathroom furniture and accessories, dining room furniture, kitchen details and kitchen ware, home furnishing and accessories (including special fragrances and enchanting mirrors), brilliant lightning design, and outdoors furniture series for your gardens and veranda. Complete collections of NEXT furniture offer you one-stop shopping solution for your home ware needs.
Just mention what you need, and NEXT will answer it. With a wide range collection of home ware, NEXT always knows what you need at the best point. Wooden separated furnitures such as well-designed cupboards, cabinets, chairs, and tables for your guest room, living room, or dining room is ready for you. For your simplicity, there are also series of furniture of fitted bathroom, fitted bedroom, and even fitted kitchen; complete with the designs of amenities and appliances. Special for your beloved kiddies, NEXT furniture has collection of baby and nursery needs. Even for your beloved pet! Find cute collection of cushion and comfy bed for your beloved pets too in NEXT. For your who admire beauty, various accessories and distinctive furnishing ideas will be your next favorite things to have. From rugs to flooring options, from paints to wallpapers, NEXT knows what you need and what you like for your house. Explore and consult your dream interior designs with the professional NEXT staffs to define the best design and product your house, and of course, in as reasonable price as possible. Discuss thoroughly what you really want to do with your house. Choose the best quality fabrics and feel the comfortable texture of them. Define what kind of wood would you like to use and pick one color that really express the characteristics of your family. The last, consult wisely the budget and the money you are ready to spend to build such a beautiful living environment together with the brand.
Longing for NEXT furniture in London? There are many retailers providing the furniture products of NEXT spread around the city of London. The first recommendation is the Edmonton Home Only Store in Ravenside Retail, Edmonton, London. Next is Croydon Home Only Store in Trojan Way Croydon. The other Home only Stores providing NEXT furniture are located in Dartford, Grays (Essex), Harlow (Essex), Hertfordshire, and in the other cities around London. To get an assurance about the quality and the performance of the product, you can easily access the official website of the brand: Browse for a while and find what you need there. To improve the customer service, the company also offers the convenience of home shopping; armed with high quality and classy home catalog. The online catalog is available, and the printed ones are also ready to sent to your home by request. Because in London, everything is in style, and NEXT furniture is all about style.
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